Telekom Multipath

Visualising connectivity

Deutsche Telekom


Redefining Network Connectivity

For their presentation at MWC Barcelona in 2022, Telekom Germany aimed to showcase their latest collaboration with GSMA and other major telecommunications players. Their project, "Multipath," represents a groundbreaking technology designed to offer customers the most reliable and stable network connections by seamlessly combining Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

Our Visual Approach

Our mission was to devise an approach that could effectively explain and visually convey this intricate and highly technical subject matter in an accessible and intuitive manner. In collaboration with our partners at Sensity, we developed a touchscreen application that demonstrated four practical use cases for Multipath Connectivity. In each scenario, users were presented with a clear comparison of data usage between a standard connection (Wi-Fi or cellular network) and the enhanced option facilitated by Multipath.



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