Happy Bee

The digital apiary calendar

Happy Bee

2022 - ONGOING

Turning a Hobby into a product

The concept behind the Happy Bee project stems from a deep personal passion. Caring for an apiary involves a multitude of daily and monthly tasks to ensure the health and happiness of your bees. As the apiary grows in size, the complexity of tracking, measuring, weighing, and sanitizing multiple beehives increases, making it challenging to manage the wealth of information involved. That's why we're developing Happy Bee — to assist beekeepers in handling these tasks efficiently.

Calendar for happy beekeepers

While we're actively working on a comprehensive suite of functionalities, we've decided to kickstart with a practical and free apiary calendar. This calendar provides a concise overview of the essential tasks beekeepers need to tend to, tailored to the specific month and the size of their beehive. Our aim is to offer valuable support to beekeepers in their daily care routines and we're committed to making beekeeping not only more manageable but also more rewarding, one hive at a time.
Check it out at happy-bee.app

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