Magenta Gaming

Redefining gaming

Deutsche Telekom

2020 - 2022

A new player on the market

When Telekom Germany made the strategic decision to venture into the game streaming market with Magenta Gaming, we were thrilled to be involved in the project right from its inception. Over the span of two years, in collaboration with our partners from sensity and a dedicated team of over 80 professionals, we conceptualized and developed both the Magenta Gaming app and website.

Our goal was to ensure that the service could seamlessly cater to a wide range of devices, spanning from smartphones to 4K TVs. Magenta Gaming was designed to function flawlessly across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android Mobile, Android TV, MagentaTV Stick, and Fire TV Stick.

User Research

Design System




Our Involvement

As members of the ten-person design team, our responsibilities encompassed a diverse array of concepts and functionalities. These ranged from platform architecture and navigation to user profile management, achievements systems, game shop integration, and the creation of an engaging landing page.

We effectively managed the development, maintenance, and documentation of a sophisticated design system, rooted in atomic design principles. This system was meticulously adapted to accommodate four device classes, ten breakpoints, and four user input options (touch, mouse, keyboard, and game controller).

Designing for success

The agile project setup, coupled with daily interactions with the development team, facilitated a seamless exchange of assets and specifications, allowing for regular quality assurance checks throughout the implementation process.

Numerous iterations, rapid prototyping, and user testing sessions were instrumental in crafting a user-friendly product that aligned with the vision and product strategy of the company's stakeholders.
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