Revolutionizing performance diagnostics


2019 - Ongoing

Seizing Opportunity

In 2019 we had the pleasure of meeting the founders of innoVIVA at a startup networking event. Their new product, LactoLevel, an innovative handheld device for athletic performance diagnostics, immediately caught our attention. The cutting-edge, mask-free technology was still in its early development stages, and we were genuinely intrigued.

The Birth of a Dynamic Partnership

Our collaboration with innoVIVA began shortly after our initial encounter, marking the birth of a dynamic partnership. We immersed ourselves in various facets of the project, offering invaluable support and consultancy. Through a series of discussions and workshops, we defined LactoLevel's vision, identified its target audience, and mapped its strategic market placement. Crafting a compelling pitch deck was instrumental in attracting key investors and partners, securing crucial funding for product development.

Product Strategy
Brand Development
Creative Direction
User Research
Design System
Technical Strategy
App Development

Elevating Branding and Design

Today our involvement extends to both marketing and the development of the LactoLevel companion app. On the marketing front, we spearhead diverse product communication initiatives, including brand strategy and identity design. We designed and developed the website -, while providing design consultancy for the online shop. Additionally, we offer guidance in establishing a dynamic social media presence.

It's also worth highlighting an exciting project: the design of LactoLevel sportswear, worn by our brand ambassadors and the accomplished LactoLevel triathlon team.

A Vision Coming to Life

The conception of the LactoLevel app has been a constant undercurrent since our collaboration's inception, evolving in tandem with the LactoLevel device. We embarked on an iterative, user-oriented journey, conducting numerous user research and testing sessions to align the app with athletes' needs. This allowed us to refine the user experience and create an intuitive and informative app design.

On the technical front, we are dedicated to ensuring the app seamlessly communicates with the LactoLevel device, streamlining the test process and data evaluation for users.

Check out the LactoLevel app on the App Store and on Google Play.
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