Finding your new best friend



A new store experience

Fressnapf, the largest European pet product retailer, was embarking on the creation of innovative concept stores, where they aimed to explore various opportunities for Point of Sale (POS) digital signage. Together with our partners from Immersive Stories we brought to life some exciting digital concepts for the pilot store. One was the implementation of a touchscreen application for browsing and ordering cat accessories and the second was the 'Digital Pet Shelter.'

Your new best friend

The 'Digital Pet Shelter' is designed to enhance the shopping experience for all visitors to Fressnapf's new concept stores. It provides them with the unique opportunity to browse through animals available for adoption. Customers can search for specific animals not only by location and type but also by applying various filters such as size, sex, age, breed, and character traits.

Each pet is accompanied by a detailed profile that narrates their history and suggests the kind of home they are best suited for. When a potential adopter finds their ideal companion, they can easily get in touch with the shelter to arrange a meeting, taking a significant step towards welcoming their new best friend into their life.


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Technical Implementation

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