Bin Da

Unlocking potential for schools

Bin Da

2023 - ONGOING

Easing the school day

Bin Da is an open-source project initiated in collaboration with cyber4EDU, aimed at facilitating the digitalization of schools. It serves as a valuable student presence management tool, providing a more structured and well-organized school day for both teachers and school administrators, especially in schools offering a progressive form of education.

The elegant solution

Bin Da's intuitive dashboard, organized by day and class slots, displays the attendance status of students. This functionality is made possible through smart lists connected to the school's student and class databases. The concept is elegantly simple: each student is issued a personalized ID card with a QR code, scannable via the BinDa web app. Depending on the scan status, a student is marked as 'checked-in' for a class, 'missing,' or 'excused.' Manual entries and comments are also easily managed through well-designed student detail cards.

Currently, the pilot version of the BinDa tool is being introduced at four German schools. If you're interested in learning more or wish to implement this tool in your school, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

User Research

Creative Concept

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Frontend Implementation

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